Why IndaCasa

Providing Workforce Learning Solutions Globally

Improve Responsiveness in the VUCA World

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We can be relied on by our clients to provide the latest technical information and insights into products and services. Our organizational solutions will move you ahead of the competition and help you sustain a valuable competitive advantage.

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We Learn about You

Relationships are important to us. We take the time to learn about you and your needs. We ensure that you know us too. Mutual trust is a key component of successful relationships and successful solutions to complex situations. We are a trusted partner, not just a vendor.

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Value and Measurement

Your success is our success. Our learning solutions provide your business with a clear roadmap to increase productivity and efficiency. We have a long-term value framework structure that allows us to meet your needs and expectations with an eye on budget and outcomes.

Our Skills & Expertise

IndaCasa’s goal is to be a trusted partner that delivers results. We want to be a leader in providing knowledge and topics that truly matter, not just to your company or your industry but the society as a whole. With offices in Croatia, South Africa and Malaysia we draw on experience gained from different cultures and areas of expertise derived by a colorful palette of experts spanning Australia, Asia, Europe and US.


Helping various professionals stay up to date with industry standards and requirements, improving teams ‘ both technical and core skills for an efficient and productive working environment is at the core of IndaCasa’s mission. We have focused services that are up to date and answer specific needs caused by changing and disruptive industries.


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IndaCasa is committed to quality. We stand behind the expertise of every consultant we engage and every event we deploy.  We back our commitment with a 100% client satisfaction guarantee. Our client testimonials reflect our commitment to customer satisfaction.

IndaCasa team has individual experience in various industries but we have been partnering with clients and providing business intelligence for the past 7 years. We have worked with companies in Australia, Southeast Asia and South Africa. Our small core team comes from diverse backgrounds and has had practical experience in areas such as  finance, sales, engineering, safety, new technologies, retail and oil and gas.  Our aim is to grow and become one of the best quality based platforms of knowledge based solutions. We essentially want to make the world a better place through knowledge sharing. 

IndaCasa collaborates with you and your team to understand your organization’s unique goals, resource gaps and expected outcomes. We then identify, qualify, and deploy the right talent and customize delivery solutions. Goal is to seamlessly integrate these solutions with, and augment, your internal resources. 

Clients and Partners

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