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Risk, Audit & Compliance

In an ideal world there would be no fraud, no corruption and no deliberate inefficiencies. The ideal world of course does not exist. In every organization the risk exists that there will be the deliberate manipulation of a system or process for personal benefit. Such manipulation is very difficult to detect and investigate for rarely does the person committing the misadventure seek to be caught. A strong risk based, forensic auditing framework allows organizations, boards and senior management to protect stakeholder value. It can provide the assurance that what has happened:

  • is not still happening;
  • is not happening elsewhere;
  • is not going to happen again

Is your current internal audit team’s performance well equipped to take the existing frameworks to the next level of the dynamic audit environment? Is your internal audit activity performing at its optimum and producing quality comprehensive reports for your stakeholders and board? Do you feel that your company is adequately protected? Our audit learning covers subjects related to determining risks, bench-marking risk based strategies, risk based reporting and fraud detection. We provide a comprehensive and interactive overview of the essential elements of audit and compliance as well as the internal audit quality assessment and audit of specialist departments (IT, treasury, data security, procurement).




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