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If you are challenged by big changes in your industry’s ecosystem and would like to restructure your innovation process this program is for your organization. Responding to change or disruption takes knowledge, skill and continuous improvement. Staying abreast of new tools and systems in the market is difficult. Getting concise, relevant for you and fast coaching on the usage of new systems and technologies is difficult considering the amount of information out there. If your organization needs help with designing a culture of innovation and help in creating ideas for new products we can take your process of creativity to the new level of simplicity. We will help to learn, effectively, about new technologies, meet customers changing expectations, jump start a more creative culture and find new opportunities for growth.

*Remarketing Services of America, Inc., (RSA), then a subsidiary of Mercedes–Benz, offered a training program in innovation skills to employees. The course was designed to help them become 1) better problem-solvers, 2) more effective in their work and 3) more deliberate about using their creativity to produce bottom-line results. By offering Innovation for Results, in which employees learn applicable tools by solving actual organizational challenges, RSA measured significant tangible savings and intangible benefits in the three months following each program and well beyond. Monetarily, it amounted to greater than a 750% return on investment, even taking into account the cost of “unproductive” employees away from their jobs while participating in the training.


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